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Four GhanaSIG Fellows selected for ICANN 73 Fellowship

Out of the 31 Fellows selected for the upcoming ICANN73 fellowship, four of them are PROUDLY GhanaSIG Fellows. These four fellows are:
1. Frank Anati (2020 GhanaSIG Fellow)
2. Ben Rachad Sanoussi (2021 GhanaSIG Fellow)
3. Prince Andrew Livingstone Zutah (2021 GhanaSIG Fellow)
4. Isaac Majeed (2021 GhanaSIG Fellow)

This is an unprecedented achievement. The whole GhanaSIG family and team EGIGFA – E-Governance and Internet Governance Foundation for Africa are excited at this achievement.

The fellowship announcement can be found here:

Meanwhile, ICANN73 public meeting starts on Monday 7th March 2022, please register to attend.


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